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Carbon Fiber Tubes
Affordable 3K Carbon Fiber Tubes
w/ Tube Cutting Services

Sizes Include
10mm  12mm  16mm  21.5mm  25mm  30mm  Tubes
Featured Products
1000mm - 16mm x 14mm  Carbon Fiber Tube, 3K
1000mm - 16mm x 14mm Carbon Fiber Tube, 3K
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Your Price: $29.50
1000mm - 16mm x 14mm  Carbon Fiber Tube, 3K, Matte
1000mm - 16mm x 14mm Carbon Fiber Tube, 3K, Matte
Average Rating 0 Review(s)
Your Price: $29.50
500mm - 10mm x 7mm  Carbon Fiber Tube, 3K Twill, Matte
500mm - 10mm x 7mm Carbon Fiber Tube, 3K Twill, Matte
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Your Price: $9.39
Tube Cutting Service
Tube Cutting Service
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Top Performing CF Tubes from the USA

  Our Carbon Fiber tubes are designed for the best strength per weight ratio. We use a full wrap of 3K filament fabric impregnated with strong clear epoxy, then a fine gloss or matte finish is added.  There are no fillers!  These CF tubes provide a perfect balance between strength, stiffness and weight.  For example, this design creates a very light tube, strong enough for Multi-copter design and their numerous crashes.  Also the twill design prevents damage from twisting of the tube, enabling these tubes to handle heavier loads. Our tubes are very different from the more common "kite" tubes.


Other advantages include handling the pressure of motor blocks, preventing rotation failure and even crushing of the arm material common in multi-copter, drone builds.  

To assist our customers we offer custom cutting of tubes to their specified lengths.

Discount pricing for large quantities can be arranged by contacting us.  Also custom CF tubes can be manufactured for our customers when in large quantity.  This would include custom O.D., I.D., length and drilling of needed holes or slots.

What is a 3K Twill Carbon Fiber Tube?

Carbon fibers are known for their high tensile strength (stretch/pull).  These threads are very small and are normally bundled together to make a stronger “rope” called a tow.  A common tow in this application uses 3000 fibers (called 3K).  Even though a tow may contain 3000 carbon fibers it is still small.  These tows are woven together in a crisscross pattern to form a very thin fabric sheet. 

The term “Twill” refers to the pattern of the weave which is more complex than a simple 1x1 weave pattern.  Common twill weaves may include 2x1, 2x2 and 3x1 patterns.  These patterns have proven to be stronger than 1x1 weaves.  FlyCarbon commonly uses a 2x2 twill weave.

The manufacturer will use a light weight clear epoxy to impregnate the weave to hold the carbon fiber in place as it is formed into a round tube.  The epoxy adds some strength to the tube; but its main job is to spread the load evenly over all the fibers for maximum durability.  Lastly, a very thin spray coat is applied to produce a gloss or matte finish.

 (Many “cheap” carbon fiber tubes found online will use material other than carbon, such as fiberglass.  Some produce tubes with paper that have a twill pattern on it.)

 FlyCarbon has produced carbon tubes that have been used in high end drone assemblies, marine and aircraft applications.  We are proud to offer simple high quality products at a discounted price.

How to Cut Carbon Fiber Tubes?

  Carbon Fiber tubes require the right tools to cut well.  This is why we offer cutting services for our customers since it can result in damage to the material and can be somewhat unsafe to handle.  First it requires protection for your eyes and a mask to prevent inhaling the carbon dust.  It is also recommended to have a vacuum system near the cutting area to reduce the dust in the air.  A high speed cutting tool is best (such as a Dremel tool), using a metal cutting blade.  Another useful tool can be a high RPM router with a narrow diamond cutting tip.  In both cases it may be best to mount the tool on a jig and then rotate the tube through the blade.

 Gloss & Matte Finish CF Tubes

Carbon Fiber Tubes;  Quadcopters, Hexacopters, Drones or what you dream up.